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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Month of Love

It's February and it's the month of love. Sedar tak sedar dah masuk bulan Februari. Bila dah kerja rasa sekejap je sebulan. Kalau bulan-bulan Februari sebelum ni, mesti akan sama-sama countdown lagi berapa tahun until our wedding date. And now it's only a year left, we're supposed to be super thrilled about it right? But now we're just strangers with memories.

Well, maybe.

Ujian demi ujian, penyakit demi penyakit. Aku terima dengan redha Ya Allah jika ini semua adalah kafarah untuk dosa-dosaku yang lampau. First, it was eye infection on both eyes, sore throat and batuk during the first week of work. The whole week. Great combo together with my period of the month. Tak sempat nak sembuh betul-betul pun, demam pulak datang. Elok je nak kebah sikit, kena food poisoning pulak. And now I'm bleeding again. I don't want to call it period because I just finished a cycle a week ago. Berapa kali nak period, dah la darah turun banyak. But I thank Allah because dalam macam-macam penyakit pun, I still manage to go to work and be happy with my new awesome friends. Yay!

They put back my smile and laughter. Genuine ones. :)

But today I got another sad news. There were tears rolling down my cheeks as I talked to Abah just now. But he told me not to cry, that God has planned everything for me and everything's going to be alright. And no more tears after that, just my mind automatically gushing out strategies and new life plans. My NEW LIFE begins starting from NOW. 

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