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Thursday, 14 February 2013

14th February 2013

"Should I be jumping with joy or what? Exactly 365 days left until our wedding date. My final year as a bachelorette!"

At least that's what I'm going to write today if things were still the same. Me and him still together. We'd be going out for a movie after he finished work. We'd watch Safe Haven and a lovely dinner together after that. We'd be chatting all the way with his hands on my waist talking about our years of waiting to finally get to this day. If only things are really that nice. If-only.

Well basically today didn't start like my normal boring days. I was busy as hell since yesterday. And yesterday started like this: I woke up to go get my Baucar Buku 1Malaysia in the Finance Department, which took me a hour just to be standing idly in the queue. Tak bergerak. Lambat gila kakak tu buat kerja, seriously. By the time I got my vouchers, it's already 11 am. Okay, enough complaining. So, straight to Pasar Seni to get my flowers and then on my way back, picked up some groceries for cheese carbonara spaghetti. All for my little 14th February celebration.

So yesterday I got a few stalks of fresh lilies, a sunflower and two roses. I actually wanted white lilies, but it seemed semua tak kembang lagi. The shop owner told me it'll take at least two days for them to bloom. Mana sempat! But I managed to get a bunch of white-pink lilies with one stalk of fully-bloomed white lily yang tersesat. Nak jugak tu. As for the roses, the staffs told me that they don't sell roses per stalk. I have to take at least a bunch which consists of 20 roses. Nak buek apo den bunga banyak-banyak, bukan nak mandi bunga pun. Then I saw the owner again at the counter and I asked her if I could take just two. And she said of course I can! Woohoo! All those flowers costs me only one-eighth of the cost of one small lily bouquet in KLCC. Gila mark up, I hetchu! But with the price I got, means I had to do the wrapping on my own. Memang nak wrap sendiri pun, so tak kesah la kan. 

Okay, on my way back I stopped by OTK to get the ingredients for my carbonara. I had the idea of serving the carbonara with green mussels since like...I can't remember. Mengidam lama dah. 
What I had in mind, initially. But I substituted all the other seafood with meatballs.
Yela dulu ada orang bawak pegi makan western food kat Kampung Baru, dapat la makan mussels sekali sekala kan. Sekarang terpaksa la masak sendiri je. Sob. 

Look what I found. This is art!!!
Then, voila! Mussels were on sale! Terus masuk trolley. After I got all the groceries needed, I went to a wedding craft shop nearby to get my wrappers and ribbon for the lily bouquet. Lepas tu, balik lah. Kaki dah penat, tak sabar nak baring kat katil. I reached UIA by 4 o'clock.

Last night, I raid on my architecture stuff to see if I could find anything to be made into a small box. A box to put something in. At last, my brown craft board and glossy model board. So I worked on it through the night and after it's done I went checking on my flowers to see how they're doing. The lilies smelled so nice! Semerbak satu bilik. Love it! Okay, straight to the point now. Actually I am planning on a little celebration of today, February 14th 2013, to celebrate the-supposed-to-be our final year of waiting till our wedding. It's really sad though, I admit. But I figure that I ought to have something to reminisce, the last memory of celebration that I could share with Adib my love, if it was the last one I could have. 

I woke up this morning to not realizing just when did I fall asleep last night. So without any delay, I went on struggling with the wrappers to tuck my lilies in. Honestly this is my first time wrapping a flower bouquet-from scratch. Repeat, from scratch. I would say I took about more than a couple hours just to have the wrappers, the flowers and the gold ribbon nicely in place. Nice ke?? Satu bouquet pun berjam-jam, boleh campak jauh-jauh la kot angan-angan nak bukak kedai bunga kan. 

Here they are, my pretty lilies.
Proses memasak spaghetti dan sos carbonara keju bersama mussels (I don't know what they're called in Malay) bermula selepas jambangan lily menjadi hand bouquet dan hadiah misteri siap diikat ribbon di dalam kotak buatan sendiri tadi. Okay, the mystery gift was nothing much pun, just a pack of seaweed snack. Over pulak berkotak beribbon bagai. Seaweed je pun. But hey, it is not just any seaweed snack. It was our favourite seaweed snack. We would go nuts whenever we find it in supermarkets. Macam dua orang budak kecik jumpa cotton candy colour pelangi. Teruja. 

Sedap gila oi benda ni. Boleh high kalau makan.
Susah kot nak cari classic flavour tu! I can't help but remember Adib whenever I see it anywhere too now. So I decided to buy it for him when I saw it in Isetan fresh market couple days ago. Teringat pulak selalu makan seaweed tu kat Jusco Maluri and kat Pandan Indah. Sigh...rindunya.

After siap masak untuk Adib tersayang and all his colleagues dengan penuh kasih sayang, time to pack it and lay all the mussels on top of the spaghetti. 

My cheese carbonara spaghetti with mussels and meatballs. Dah siap packed!
To be frank, the mussels remind me so much of our memories in Kampung Baru. They're Adib's favourite. Mine too, of course. Tengok Adib makan dengan penuh minat, I could just smile and stare at him all night. Somehow it's this odd-but-very-pleasant feeling to feed him with his favourite food and see him eating happily until he's full. Motherly-wifey instinct? Well, probably.

With everything was almost done, time to write my Adib a goodbye letter. The saddest part of all. 

To be continued.

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