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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

We Were Fourteen When We First Met

Three years back exactly on this date, there was a guy and a girl who went out for a movie together. It was their first time, a movie for just the two of them. They were long lost classmates, years back when they were both fourteen. 

Secretly, they were both each other’s huge crush back in school but they’ve never told anyone. Through the whole year as classmates, they had barely talked to each other. The girl felt that maybe the guy hated her for some reasons. While the guy felt that the girl wasn’t really interested in him. A year passed and the guy left town and went to a new school. They’ve never seen each other again since then but the feeling they had was neatly kept in their hearts.

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Until one day, September 22nd 2009, the guy appeared in front of the girl’s house. It was the fourth day of Raya and the guy was back in town catching up with some old friends. But there he was, just him standing handsomely in front of the door. There was something about that look that made the girl’s heartbeat gone crazy. She was nervous but didn’t know why. That was the first time they’ve seen each other again after six years.
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So they got each other’s numbers and texted almost every day. Until one fine day, the guy asked the girl out for a movie. It wasn’t intended to be a date, just two old friends going for a movie. At least that was what they both had in mind. Duhh. It was the movie that people talked about all year--2012.

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The day was set and they agreed to meet each other on Saturday, November 14th. The first time their eyes met again, it was really awkward. But in some way, it was pleasantly awkward. When they arrived in Pavilion, the tickets available were only the midnight tickets. Thinking that they might not have any other chances to watch the movie next time, they agreed to hang out and chat until morning after the movie.
It was the spot in front of the Pavilion fountain, they sat and chat for hours and hours. They had so much to talk about that it almost felt that they will never run out of things to chat with each other. Later that they knew, that night of long hours of talking, was the moment that they actually grew feelings for each other.
The fountain
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But again, they didn’t tell anyone, not even to each other. They just kept texting and calling and went out together again and again till there’s no point of denying that they’re in love. They’re madly in love and what actually makes thing sweeter is that they actually held that feelings since they were fourteen and it never changed.

The spot where the guy and the girl sat all night.
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That’s the story of how I met my soul mate and here I am now, writing everything here about our preparation for the big day. To Adib my dearest, this entry is specially for you. I’ve never loved anyone like I love you and always will no matter what. And the love you’ve showered me with will forever be my greatest treasure. May our plans be in ease the life we choose together be blessed with happiness and triumph.

I love you.

Your first candid. I miss this moment!

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