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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sapphires Really Do You Good

Well since I really really heart blue sapphires, I can't help but googling everything about it. From images to the detailed facts about sapphires. And what I found did amaze me. Do you know that sapphire can actually gives impact to our mind by just looking at it? Actually I wanted to write all about what good this beautiful precious stone can bring us in my previous entry, but I guess I'll just be cramping everything there.

Okay then, a bit of intro. The name Sapphire originates from two sources - Greek "Sappheiros" and the Latin "Sapphirus" which both mean "blue". Sapphire is a gemstone that belongs to the corundum (Al2O3) family which is the same mineral group as ruby's. A 9.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness, sapphire is the second hardest natural mineral, only next to diamond. Sapphires possess higher clarity values than emeralds and rubies and come in many colours but the most popular are the blue ones. Well even the the blue has many shades. I think this chart might help. My favourite would be the rich intense royal blue.

According to Ancient Persians the Earth rested on a giant sapphire and it was the stone's reflection that colored the sky. Sapphires are a favorite gemstone for royalty and often associated with loyalty and dignity.
It has long symbolized truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. This makes it perfect for engagement, wedding and anniversary rings. (Yay!) It is also believed that if the wearer is unfaithful or has done something wicked or impure, the sapphire will lose its shine and refuse to glow. Sangat menarik!

It can change colour! Cool.
Perhaps the most important attribute of sapphire was said to be that of protection against sorcery. It is said to lessen the powers of the cast spells of evil ones or evil spirits and reflects the harmful spells back to the sender. Royalty has been long wearing sapphires to cast away envy, to ward all evil and gain divine favors. No wonder the British royalty are so obsessed with sapphires! Have you noticed Pricess Diana's and Kate Middleton's engagement ring?

They share the same engagement ring.
Sapphire was also thought to have strong medical powers. Its powers include spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. Blue sapphire was thought to increase the life span and to end headaches, nightmares, and nosebleeds when placed on the forehead. In ancient Persia, ground sapphires were used as an all purpose medicine. People also took sapphire as an antidote for poison and poisonous bites. At one time it was credited to remove all impurities and foreign matter from the eye. The method is to dip it in a bowl of water and the water is then used for rinsing the eyes.

Boleh rendam dalam air buat bilas mata lagi. Extra cool!
Sapphire is the September birthstone as well as the accepted anniversary gem for the 5th and 45th years of marriage. A ring with a sapphire stone was alleged to bring wisdom and compassion to its owner. When disaster is near, the stone takes on a chalky appearance, which lasts until the danger passes. Naturally, the wearer will experience inner peace. It is also said to aid the wearer in memory and in mental recall, focus and concentration.

Very interesting right? Without doubt, I am sooo getting sapphire wedding rings for us. Wish us luck for our ring hunting soon!

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