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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Signature Colour Of Mine

I love red! I love every shades of red. But to be precise, the shade of red that has been my favourite of all time is "merah darah" or cranberry-like scarlet red. Sounds very vampish right? Yeah, I guess so. I've been known by almost all of my friends for liking red so much. So for that, I'm thinking of putting on a mermaid cut dress of this colour. As for my handsome groom, he can match his black suit with a tie or a shirt from the same shade with my dress. 

Everything else, the background, the theme, the dais, I want them to be WHITE. Oh I love white as well. Especially in weddings. And put in mind people, this cranberry-like scarlet red can only be worn by US on that day. Yes, exclusively for the bride and the groom ONLY. Have you ever saw a picture of both of the pengantin on the dais together with their friends and families, and you were like staring at that picture for quite a while and finally said to yourself, "Mana satu pengantin ni, nampak macam sama je pengantin dengan dayang-dayang." Even worse, warna pelamin pun sama. That's just sad okay. 

I mean, come on. It is your wedding and you have all the right in the world to be EXCLUSIVE. And this includes the colour of your dresses too, ladies. You don't wanna be 'invisible' or mistaken for a bridesmaid or worst, overshadowed by your own pengapit. Lagi-lagi kalau pengapit tu lagi hot dari pengantin. It's the end of the world for you, bride. Okay, enough of that. I've found some fabulous palettes of reds from and I was melted by the minute I saw them.

Cranberry, Slate Gray, Gray & White

The tie, the blouse and the heels. Aren't they just awesome? They are so my colour!

Cranberry, Red & White
Gosh I'm so in love with the stunning red lips and the vintage car! I want! I want! I want!

Since our wedding will be exactly on Valentine's day, I think red sure screams LOVE. Sukanya berangan!!! Haha. Haih, rindu pulak kat Adib. *tiba-tiba*

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  1. ye la ye la scarlett johannson. blah blah blah. follow ai balik! hiyaa


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